Florida Truck Accident Attorney

Over 30 years of experience

Trucking is governed by strict regulations for the protection of the traveling public. For this reason, truck wrecks that result in a serious injury or death usually happen as a result of violating one of more of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. What makes truck accidents different from other vehicular crashes is that the legal issues involved can be far more complex and challenging.

A prompt investigation is important in any serious truck accident. Often, truck drivers and companies, as well as their insurers, hire their own investigators, documenting and attempting to spin the case to their own advantage. Some have been known to go so far as to remove physical evidence from the scene of the accident.

If you have been injured in a truck accident anywhere in Southwest Florida, you need to get in touch immediately with a Florida personal injury lawyer that has vast experience with truck accidents. We at David R. Linn Attorney at Law are here to help. When you get in touch with David R. Linn, we will be on your case and ready to represent you right away.

We will immediately dispatch our private investigator to the accident scene to gather pertinent evidences such as photos of the vehicle crash site, witness statements, police reports and driver logs. Our goal is to preserve the necessary evidences to prove your case and ensure that those liable for your injuries will be held accountable and that you will receive the just compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Attorney – serving Port Charlotte & Ft. Myers Florida

Thanks to our over 30 years of experience as a Southwest Florida truck accident attorney, we fully understand the importance of knowing all the details related to our clients’ cases. Our law firm has developed the ability to anticipate the legalities that you might be facing and exercise wisdom in bringing you justice, even against large trucking companies with deep pockets and expensive lawyers.

Even if you are unsure who is at fault in your accident case, you should still immediately contact our Southwest Florida truck accident lawyer for a free consultation. We will see to it that you understand your legal rights and help you determine the cause of your accident whether or not you have a case.