Florida Insurance Attorney

Over 30 years of experience

For over 30 years, we have been providing first rate legal counsel and representation to people facing an insurance dispute. In Florida, our firm is a leader in a wide range of insurance litigation cases. Equipped with a full knowledge of the insurance industry, we have been lead counsels in many of the most difficult litigations involving insurance companies. National and international insurers respect us for our tenacity and willingness to pursue claims through the end of the court trial. Our long track record of success in gaining considerable insurance recovery claims on behalf of our clients shows our strength and experience in insurance liability law.

David R. Linn has a wide range of experience in various aspects of insurance coverage law and practice. We have been involved in many of the historical litigations in the insurance industry. We have represented clients in insurance litigations that involve the following:

  • directors and officers liability coverage
  • general liability coverage
  • products liability coverage
  • first-party property coverage
  • professional liability coverage
  • toxic tort coverage
  • environmental insurance coverage
  • numerous other cases resulting in insurance claims

Florida Insurance Lawyers Serving Ft. Myers & Port Charlotte

Known for our premier hearing and litigation capacities, we are committed to rendering the highest quality of representation to our clients. At David R. Linn Attorney at Law, we believe that a careful consideration and application of insurance coverage litigation plan is important in satisfying the needs of our clients in the most cost-effective way.

We have both the capacity and the resources to handle all kinds of insurance litigation cases from the most complicated multi-party actions to the simplest two-party disputes. Thanks to our more than five decades of experience in the industry, we have witnessed how insurance coverage law has evolved over the years and how it differs from one jurisdiction to another. For this reason, we are able to continually monitor all the latest developments in insurance liability law and update our coverage library accordingly.

Because of our credibility and reputation, our clients have a big advantage when they file suit against even the largest insurers, which allows them to the best opportunity to gain a favorable resolution and the maximum amount of damages from the insurance company. You may not be charged any fees because Florida law provides that your insurance company should pay your attorney fees (FS 624.428). For a free consultation regarding any insurance coverage dispute, call us today and talk directly with one of our insurance litigation experts. Serving Ft. Myers and Port Charlotte FL.